Deep Spirituality. Will Decide Humanity’s Future



Abstract: In the modern age, religion and spirituality stood scrutinised and criticized. We agree that all criticisms and negative evaluations have a thought-provoking value. We agree too that people can make of their spiritual convictions an idle and unproductive force in their lives, if they choose to do so. On the contrary, if they so decide, they can make of it the strongest motivating force in the world. A spiritual outlook can generate a deep sense of responsibility for addressing the current problems of the world, like the increase of violence and corruption, economic imbalance, aggravation of poverty, ecological disaster, damage to cultures, erosion of ethical values, poor governance, biased media, harassment of minorities, gender bias, and others.

In an increasingly consumeristic world, we notice a steady erosion of cultures and values. A sense of responsibility must be invoked. Spiritually oriented citizens can help in a convincing manner. Constructing inter-cultural relationships too has become extremely important in this era of intense migrations, which have brought people of diverse cultures and religions together. The rise of radical fundamentalism was largely a response to the exaggerations of radical secularism. We ought to explore the psycho-social reasons for the emergence of this terrible phenomenon in modern times, observe the emotional content of what is being said and done, attempt bringing down their anger by making an effort to remove some of the causes, and engage them in a dialogue once the emotions are down. An entire world can change with it.

Representatives of every section of the global society must make such things possible: intellectuals, media men, politicians, business leaders, religious personnel, students, associations, all must help. Spiritually motivated persons have the persuasive power to bring such people together.


Keywords: Spirituality, Values, Challenges, Responsibility, Humanity