Victor Nemchinov is a tenured senior research analyst in the Department of Comparative Culturology, Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences. Dr. Nemchinov is well known as both an expert in cultural heritage enhancement, personal identity studies, new communication theory and as a practicing high level freelance simultaneous interpreter. Victor Nemchinov was visiting professor at the Center for interdisciplinary studies (ZiF), Bielefeld University, Collegium Budapest and Vienna Institute of Cultural studies (IFK). He is International Society of History Didactics and the ICOM member. He founded and headed Museum of Historical consciousness, the interactive platform ‘Diversity’ for advanced dialogical studies and conducted Russian students’ survey in the ‘Youth and History’ European project. As a figurative graphic artist Victor held over a dozen solo exhibitions in different countries and for over a decade was associated with ‘Dialogue of Civilizations’ Forums on Rhodes.


Journal: MEΘEXIS Journal of Research in Values and Spirituality

Year of Publication: 2022

Issue: Vol. II, No. 1

Title: Spatial, Temporal, Somatic and Spiritual Boundaries. Seen as Virtual Reflection of Expanding Personal Selfhood


Author Affiliation:

Department of Comparative Culturology

Institute of Oriental Studies

Russian Academy of Sciences

Leninsky prospekt 14, Moscow