Varghese Manimala is currently Principal of Vijnananilayam Institute of Philosophy and Religion at Janampet, Eluru, Andhrapradesh, India. He was Director of Henry Martin Institute in Hyderabad, India. He published Being, person, and community: A study of intersubjectivity in existentialism with special reference to Marcel, Sartre, and the concept of sańgha in Buddhism (Intercultural Publications, 1991), and editor of Toward Mutual Fecundation and Fulfilment of Religious (Media House 2009).


Journal: MEΘEXIS Journal of Research in Values and Spirituality

Year of Publication: 2023

Issue: Vol. III, No. 1

Title: Sacred Secularity as Spirituality and Holiness


Author Affiliation:

Vijnananilayam Janampet Vijayarai

P.O., Eluru, West Godavari

Andhra Pradesh 534475, India