Sacred Secularity as Spirituality and Holiness



Abstract: The main thrust of this paper is to look at spirituality from a ‘secular’ perspective. We want to stress the fact that spirituality is a universal prerogative, and not the monopoly of an elite group. Holiness consists of a search for justice and it is centered around Mother Earth, rather than anything beyond. This new type of spirituality is, in the words of Dr. Raimon Panikkar, Cosmotheandrism. Today spirituality has to be very much concerned about the ecological problems, and only a true ‘Ecosophy’ can help to build up an authentic spirituality. Holiness cannot be thought of bereft of social involvement, and in the name of spirituality we cannot shirk our social responsibility. In the contemporary world spirituality and holiness inevitably will consist of a protest against nuclear arms race, sale of weapons and war; and also economic and intellectual colonialism. Spirituality and holiness will also call for gender justice. This new form spirituality can be built up only through ahisa (non-violence).


Keywords: Sacred Secularity, Cosmotheandrism, Ecology-Ecofilia, Ecosophy, Gender Justice, Ahisa, Raimon Panikkar