A Christianisation Approach to the Understanding and Application of Cicero’s Classical Idea of Formation


Abstract: Administration and formation are two hinges on which the prospects and fortunes of any organization hangs. The administrative structure ensures that the structure and functionality of formation will uphold the ideals and values, while the formative structure serves the organization by preparing leaders who will protect and take responsibility for its goal. The complementary roles play by these two, define the present condition of the organization and indicate what the future holds. This study considers the basis for the application of the Ciceronian ideals of formation to the Church. This will be done by examining within the realities and experiences of the Church, the similarities of contexts, contents, structures, practices and means that she shares with the Ciceronian Roman Republic. In the face of such similarities, it will address if it is permissible to liken the Ciceronian orator to a mature Christian. And taking into consideration the contemporary experiences of the Church, the extent the classical values as espoused by Cicero will be examined in complementing the quest for efficient formation in the Church.


Keywords: Christianity, Catholic Church, Values, De Oratore, Roman Society