What Ultimate Truth is Hidden Beyond the Symbolic Code of Cultures

(on the example of the Kyrgyz culture)



Abstract: This paper is an attempt to reveal the ultimate truth which is hidden beyond the symbolic codes of cultures. The main function of the culture is to make humanity to survive, exist and be happy in this world. The role of culture is becoming  extremely more important in global times, when the humanity is facing climatic changes, environmental crises, different social crucial  problems, the danger of nucleus war that can put an end to the whole civilization. Сulture is manifested not only in behavior, mutual interrelationships, different activities norms and rules, traditions and rituals but also in the system of folk tales, songs, proverbs, myths and legends transmitted from ancient times to the present, by memory. Each of them displays their own codes to be discovered, understood and interpreted not only by philologists but mainly and sometimes only by philosophers. The authors try in the examples of some distinguished legends and myths, on famous Kyrgyz writer Chynghyz Aitmatov’s novels to understand the meaning of symbols given there. These cultural symbols are interpreted to show deep environmental, social, cultural, personal crises, manifested in different destructive processes of nature, danger of nuclear war, social and personal criminalized pathology, loss of memory leading to danger of disappearance of positive cultural achievements. It is stated that all these problems were symbolically shown as special cultural codes used in ancient tales, legends, myths.  Their symbolic providential role is inestimable for us, present living generation. The author underlines their universal value for all the humanity. 


Keywords: ultimate truth, symbolic code, culture, global times, social memory, love for God, universal principle, integrity, civilizations, identity, concept of global family, moral laws