The Importance of Symbols in the Sufi Tradition: An Example of the Concept of Justice



Abstract: The concept of justice is a concept that has been emphasized in every age, every religious and moral life style and every culture since the emergence of the philosophical way of thinking. In all social, religious or moral perspectives, the concept of justice is expressed with different symbols in a guiding nature. Symbols inspired by nature such as the sun, moon and stars are also examples of these. We see that the concept of justice is discussed and examined in the light of symbols in the Mayan civilization, Ancient Chinese teachings and Ancient Greek thought, as well as in the Islamic Sufi tradition. The concept of justice, which is the sum and integrator of the virtues, regulates their functioning and organizes the entire moral life within the framework of the principles of fairness and equality, has functioned like a sun or a pole star in the Islamic Sufi tradition. In this article, the place of the concept of justice in Islamic mysticism will be discussed through symbols. Considering justice as a natural figure, its effect on the Sufis’ perception of spirituality will be examined, based on the original definition that emerged in Islamic Sufism. Thus, it is aimed to make this concept clear and understandable by showing the aspects of the concept of justice, which has a deep-rooted historical and cultural background, that contribute to both theoretical and practical life in Islamic Sufi thought.


Keywords: Justice, Symbols, Sufism, Spiritual Perception