Repairing or Embracing Human Imperfection?




The search for the fullness of human existence manifests itself in a secular society on two levels: first, the predominant claim is that the fulness of existence is within the reach of human effort, any reference to the transcendence is not necessary; second, the fullness of existence also needs to include transcendental dimensions. Modern Pelagianism, cultural Marxism, soft totalitarianism and the ideology of social justice belong to the first level. Despite their positive energy and unprecedented potential, they remain exclusive, i.e., not able or not willing to explore alternative options, even though they claim to be all-inclusive and free from possible constraints. At the same time, they are unable to embrace the limitations of human nature. Today, as in the past, the search for the fullness of human existence remains a spiritual challenge, reopening the question of how to discover a meaningful life within the boundaries of an imperfect human nature.


Keywords: modern Pelagianism, cultural Marxism, totalitarianism, social justice, spirituality, meaning.