Artistic Features of Armenian Liturgical Objects



Abstract: The artistic features are the important provisions by which the ritual objects types and descriptions of different Christian churches can be characterized. In essence, identifying and grouping these features are the most complex processes. In this article, an attempt is made to present the artistic features of the ritual objects of the Armenian Church in general, interpreting them according to the types of objects. The ritual objects used during various rituals in the Armenian church, with their types and artistic features, developed and completed over time, forming a solid system, that both differs from and connects to the ritual objects of other Christian churches․ Armenian liturgical objects represent a set of Eastern, Western, and local traditions, forming the corresponding overall picture. The study of the objects shows that the system of design of objects was formed by including both Byzantine and later Western elements, mixing them with national artistic features, as a result of which a typical image of ritual objects was formed.


Keywords: Armenian Art, Liturgical Objects, Artistic Features, Symbols