A Re-Interpretation of the Post-Modernist Tradition in the Discourse of African Philosophy



Abstract: It is a truism in our world today that the effects of Post-Modernism have crept into many African societies and are already having impacts on the people’s culture and philosophy. Many Africans are consciously or unconsciously exhibiting postmodern tendencies, some of which negate core African culture, values and philosophy. African philosophy is a unique philosophy with its own culture that may not agree many times with post-modern culture. This is because its concern is the promotion and preservation of fundamental African values and culture.

The concern of this paper is the way post-modern culture is fast eroding the core existential values of the people of Africa. Some of these values are important to the livelihood and existence of the people. Sequel to this, this paper evaluates post modernism in the light of its effects on fundamental African culture and philosophy. Ultimately, the purpose is to find out how core African values can be protected in the midst of postmodern incursion. It is also to interrogate post-modernism in a manner that reveals its tenets and also exposes these tenets to African understanding. 


Keywords: Post-Modernism, African Philosophy