The Act of Grieving in The Philosophy of Așik Veysel. The Role of Cultural Codes in the Healing Process in Spiritual Support and Guidance



Abstract: Aşık Veysel is an important representative of the minstrel tradition in the context of Turkish thought. Looking at the philosophical depth of his poems, it is possible to see a philosophy of life. The subject of this study is to analyse the meaning of the image/metaphor of the act of pouring trouble in one of his poems and to determine how this image is effective in the healing process in spiritual support and guidance. In other words, it is to examine the effect of cultural codes on people in an anthropological context. In this sense, it is an applied study. The study was carried out in a tent city in Adıyaman, one of the provinces damaged by the earthquake that occurred in 11 provinces on 6 February 2023. The study was conducted in two different time periods. Four different groups were studied. In this study, the impact of spiritual support and guidance activities on “adults” was presented. In summary, when we look at the effect of cultural codes on the healing process, it can be seen that it contributes greatly to the search for meaning in such extraordinary moments of crisis.


Keywords: Aşık Veysel, Philosophy, Cultural code, Spiritual support